Your special day: your special music

We want your wedding to be the special day you’ve dreamt of, full of joy, peace, laughter, and love. (And champagne.) And live music has an atmospheric magic that can emotionally transform an already picture perfect setting. Programming beautiful music into your day allows you and your guests to pause and take in the important spiritual significance of your wedding. It adds to the sense of the romantic and inspires joy, laughter and the sense of festive celebration.

The Mayfair Mints have sung at more weddings than any other occasion. Guests often comment on the breath-taking effect of our performance. We’ve moved family and friends to tears at the ceremony with beautiful traditional pieces. We’ve added stylish background ambience with our jazz numbers while guests have been picking up their drinks and inspecting the seating plan. We’ve entertained guests (and provided a good ice breaker for strangers) at the wedding breakfast with our lively, fun love madrigals, favourite opera arias and humorous songs.

Tailored to your vision

Whether it’s your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception or your engagement party, we understand that your special day is unique to you. Is it an intimate occasion or a grand scale event? Are there particular pieces or styles you want, or would you like us to help suggest music to suit your vision? Would you prefer a centre-stage act or background music to provide atmosphere? Perhaps you are not quite sure and are looking for some expert advice?

We provide a personal consultation to discuss the possibilities that will work best for you so that we can tailor our performance to meet your needs. To give you a sense, we provide a sample list of the sorts of music we might perform for you. We can provide guidance and are also open to requests, including writing and performing a fun piece about the bride or groom.


It’s your special occasion and you’ve put in huge amounts of effort already – now you want to sit back and enjoy it. The Mayfair Mints are experienced professional musicians, so you can rely on us to get on calmly with the practicalities behind the musical panache, leaving you free to savour the special moments with your beloved, and your family and friends.