Funerals and memorials

Funerals and memorials can be an incredible emotional mix. You are saying goodbye to a loved one but you are reliving all the memories and the joys and celebrating their life. And then there are the involved practicalities of organising the service during this deeply poignant time.

Live music at the service helps you connect emotionally and can be very spiritually uplifting. It can help those left behind to grieve and sometimes laugh together.

With our years of experience singing at funerals and memorials, we can offer sensitive guidance on beautiful music appropriate to the service. And we will gladly take requests – an old favourite or a piece that was particularly meaningful to your loved one.

You are in safe and sensitive professional hands.

The Mayfair Mints also perform at post-funeral and post-memorial receptions. These tend to be gentle celebrations and we are often asked to perform lighter repertoire (including jazz arrangements and humorous songs such as ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’). We can also write arrangements or bespoke pieces especially for the occasion.

Offering you help, guidance and peace of mind

Every funeral and memorial is different so we will provide a consultation for you to discuss the ceremony or reception and establish what sort of mood or music would be most fitting. (We provide a sample list of the different types of music we might perform.)

Our service is compassionate, professional and fuss-free, so that you can focus on saying goodbye peacefully and on celebrating the wonderful memories.

You can contact us directly to enquire about booking us for a funeral or memorial. If you’d prefer, please ask your Funeral Director to contact us directly.