Corporate events

Engage your guests

The Mayfair Mints provide quality and stylish musical performances to set the right tone, entertain your guests and, ultimately, make a success of your event. Whether you are looking for background ambience or vibrant centre-stage entertainment, our sets will help shape the occasion and delight your clients, staff and stakeholders.

Tailored to your requirements

We understand that every event is different. Are you looking for a particular era of music? Are you looking for humour? Would you like the music to match a particular theme? Are you hoping to elevate the evening? Or just to provide your guests with a good time?

We therefore provide a personal consultation to work through the aims of your event and the styles or mood so that we can tailor our performance to you (see our sample music list). We can provide guidance and are also open to requests, including writing bespoke musical arrangements or compositions about an event theme, product or guest of honour.


As experienced professional musicians, we know that a good performance goes beyond great musicianship and style. You can rely on us to get on calmly with the practicalities behind the panache, leaving you free and confident to enjoy watching your hard work transform into the impressive, memorable occasion you envisaged.