“Thanks for a superb performance! Daphne and I can’t believe how quickly you produced the bespoke serenades for each winner and how quickly the singers were able to deliver them in such a professional manner.

Your enthusiasm shines through and is infectious for the audience. A superb performance.”

Graham Rowan, Chairman, the Elite Investor Club awards ceremony


“Superb ensemble. Delightful choice of music and a treat not to be missed.”

Lady Marion Field, gala event 


“I thoroughly enjoyed an evening with the Mayfair Mints! One minute I’m having a full belly laugh while the next I’m in tears with how beautiful the voice I’m hearing is and how the feeling of the song is being conveyed. The Mayfair Mints work perfectly together. I found them mesmerising from beginning to end.”

Scott Mooney, gala event


“Thank you for your beautiful song … and for your amazing skill to sing over the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral!”

Helen, bride

“Brilliant performance and an excellent singing group catering for a wide variety of musical tastes.”

Jennifer, dinner event guest

“Your singing was wonderfully moving – it transformed the occasion!”

Lucinda, wedding guest

“I really don’t know where to start. Almost every single person I have talked to has raved about ‘the choir’ and the singing and several are professional musicians. My Mother said, as soon as you started and she was ‘amazed by the singing’, she knew the service would be fine, and so she just sat back and was soothed by it. The hour seemed to pass quickly but also with a beautiful, still slowness, I thought, from such intense listening.

A musician friend of mine wrote to me this evening: ‘I thought the service was wonderful. I didn’t know your father well but I felt I did by the end of that hour. I was blown away by the choir. What an INCREDIBLE sound. I just loved the way they really went for it. It felt like there were no boundaries and that the universe was within those four walls.’

So thank you very very much. The music really did make the day for me and was such a perfect way of remembering and celebrating Dad.”

Edwina, memorial service and afternoon tea

“We could not have been happier with the music at our wedding. Our insightful consultations with Leonora in the run-up to the big day were a testament to her depth and breadth of experience – she advised us brilliantly on everything from musical arrangements and logistics, right down to which versions of which hymns would suit our guests! She came up with ideas which would never have even occurred to us.

The result was a musical triumph which moved many in our guests to tears, and was commented on repeatedly during and long after the wedding day. It meant so much to us – and to me especially – to have a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by stunning music.

Thank you Mayfair Mints!”

Hester, bride

“Thank you for your wonderful singing”

Adam, groom

“We loved your performance and thought you were all very talented. Beautiful singing.”

Chris and Patricia, party guests