Bespoke pieces – written at your request

As well as tailoring our choice of music to the tone and aims of your event, the most unique part of our service is that you can also have us write and perform a piece specifically about a particular guest, topic, product or organisation. These personal and entertaining bespoke pieces prove hugely popular with guests. And they are a wonderful means of letting someone know how personally prized and valued they are.

The piece may be a personalised happy birthday message. Perhaps it is to honour the ever-contented couple on their 50th wedding anniversary. It can be an acknowledgement of everything that an esteemed colleague has achieved on their retirement. It might be the story of how the bride and groom first got together. Or perhaps it is a song enumerating the many weird and wonderful features of your new product or service, and how each customer might employ them. It could even be a sung proposal to your loved one!

If you are interested in having us write and perform a personal bespoke piece, during our consultation we will establish some details about the relevant person, the product to be promoted, the theme or the organisation – the subject of the piece. We’ll find out whether we need to fact gather further from other family, friends or colleagues in order to find out any humorous quirks and funny or sentimental stories that can be incorporated into the song. We will then write several sparkling stanzas and compose a suitably stylish setting.

In this way, we deliver and perform a unique and special work which is guaranteed to hit the mark.